Battery storage

Battery storage

If you’ve ever considered adding a solar battery to your solar system, you’ve probably thought about the potential savings it could deliver on your electricity bill. After all, energy can be expensive. Between Jan 22 and April 22, power prices risen over 100%.

Now more than ever, people are thinking about long-term savings, security, independence and control.

How much could I save with a solar battery?

An average solar home could save around £250 a year by adding a solar battery to their existing solar system*.

Of course, every household is different so we can’t say for sure how much you personally could save. The exact savings will vary significantly based on:

  • The size of your solar battery (in usable kWh)
  • How many times the battery is charged and discharged each day (usually once)
  • Your energy rates and feed-in tariff
  • How much electricity you use in your home
  • When you use electricity
  • How much value you place on the other benefits a battery can deliver, including blackout protection, increased energy independence and environmental impact

How can you work out your own savings?

To understand your own potential savings with a solar battery, look at the difference between your energy rate and your solar feed-in tariff.

Batteries allow you to store any excess solar power you’re not using during the day to use during the evening peak. This is instead of exporting that excess solar power for a relatively low feed-in tariff and having to buy electricity back in the evening for a higher price.

So essentially these savings are the difference between your energy rate and your solar feed-in tariff, multiplied by the number of kWh cycled through the battery over a year.

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